About Us

We are a CPA public practice with registered tax agent and ASIC agent license. Our features are AUSASIA, FLEXIBLE, TECHNOLOGY & SIMPLE:

We are AUSASIA accountants with both background of Australia and Asia, who value the culture difference and would like to communicate with you in your comfortable way.

We are FLEXIBLE accountants, who value customer service and will ensure to render a customized service which suits you best.

We are active accountants, who value high TECHNOLOGY and professional development and will make sure that you benefit from up-to date accounting related knowledge and technologies proven to be more efficient.

We are qualified and experienced accountants, who value problem solving skills and devote to seek a SIMPLE solution of bookkeeping & accounting system for you.

Our Vision

Solutions for Business & Wealth Growth
connecting Australia and Asia

Our Value

If Your Business is a Sports Team,
we want to be Your Coach for Health and Growth!

Our Mission

Make Accounting & Tax easy for you